Tuesday, March 18, 2008

First Blog Three years later, and still want to fly

Three Month ago.Almost three. Wanted to see the Kite Runner, but missed it. I had to fly. Home bound and away from home. I wanted to write then. About the Kite Runner. OR rather about the need to fly. A soul fly. Wanted to blog, or to virtually do another thought fly. I procrastenated. Today is the third anniversary for this Bab Al Shams First Blog. Ironic is the thought of flying toward the sun and your wings could melt away and fall, better to think that your whole would melt to a different being.That could fly and travel and transsend across beyond even the coldness of space only to approach another grander star. I would still call it "Bab Al Shams". Loyal to the orginal inspiration, I guess. Which brings me to the realities, and the naievties of the orginal first blog. I shall wrrrrrrite still. I may re-write with great retreaves of some wonderfull joys of flying throug the Blogospheres.

I shall write about the "Kite Runner", about why you & I write, about Haal, Tadrey, old friends and Sweet loyalLou, Mahmoud Darwich, about the Seven'th Art, and about Khayalat Fingan Al K ahwa.....

I shall write. You may or may NOT read. I shall re-read and visit and I shall write...


Thursday, March 09, 2006

Ancient Egyptian Nobel Women & The Power Of Questions

The MUMMY mask in AL Ahram Weekly last Thursday was different... in the printed versions the questions were shattering...
(you would not find these Questions in the e-version of the Weekly paper):

Was it Stolen? When? Who? Why? $$$ offcourse.
How was it smuggled out of Egypt? who knew what? How it did Happen?
What is it's Future? The Mask? the $$$? the Mummy??? These are the war questions between Museums, Authorties, and Theeves...

I would have liked to know more about this Nobel Ancient Women. How did she manage the poltics of her time ? Men? Lovers? Faith? Powers? What was her complection like? Fair? or Dark? Was she really from the court of Ramses II? Was that the same pharoh of Moses? How & what did she gosip about? How Young or how old when she passedout?
No content just Masks...?

Friday, January 27, 2006

Inspiring Endurance Patience & Steadfastness

While hall was enduring I looked toward the 99 names for what help to endure. I first came up with Al Sammad and it gave me that "AL Sammaad" include the quality of endurance well beyond "steadfastness", Purposeful steadfastness.

Al Sammaad is limitless aboundant resourceful active patience, that is purposeful to stand and sustain it's own on absolute Godly refrence- Lais Ka methlehi Shai "Azz wa Gall"

Further "Al Sabboor" took this quality to the dimension of sheer will of God as "Baeutifull Patience" when his subjects do him wrong...

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Wikipedia vs. Encyclopedia & the Cycles of a "Live Knowledge"

Tow things stimulated me in PDR, an Italian Rose (in) Egypt, reflctions & follw up about life possiable patterns... PDR was wondering if Life is a repetitive cycle

One is the Cyber Dimension of her personal WEB-Where Everybody Believe theory & it's natural virtual manifestation in the BlogOsphere... Interesting indeed ...

Two is her reflection on "Each one's Life is an "Encyclopedia" in itself" ...

I looked up the word Encyclopedia:

[[The word encyclopedia, which to us usually means a large set of books, descends from a phrase that involved coming to grips with the contents of such books. The Greek phrase is enkuklios paideia, made up of enkuklios, "cyclical, periodic, ordinary," and paideia, "education," and meaning "general education." Copyists of Latin manuscripts took this phrase to be a single Greek word, enkuklopaedia, with the same meaning, and this spurious Greek word became the New Latin word encyclopaedia, coming into English with the sense "general course of instruction," first recorded in 1531. In New Latin the word was chosen as the title of a reference work covering all knowledge. The first such use in English is recorded in 1644.]].

The definition some how captured PDR last year cyclic reflection, if only linguistically with the cyclic part is very true but limited in a way to a group of people or language or common knowledge to a group of people that their language became more familiar to the body of knowledge (reads more dominant) that is the English Language, Other Languages having more limited influence. As you can see this is already more complex, that the cyclic (repetitive or the familiar & the common to a certain group) propagated to a more dominant ascending linear & exploding knowledge.

With the cyber dimension of PDR reflection I’ve also looked up “Wikipedia” as a word and as a project: Wiki is quick in Hawian and I think is an interesting humanized cyber age and environment project as a multi language "Encyclopedia" on the web that could contribute in unifying world cultures knowledge if properly and democratically managed???. The beauty of this is that the contribution to this body of knowledge is accessible to the individual level to reach the climax of potential complexity and in some way match PDR own personal “WEB” amazing stuff. The task of converting the world's Knowledge into a web encyclopedia is tremendous.

Wiki is sometimes interpreted as the backronym for "What I know is", which describes the knowledge contribution, storage and exchange function.

Thursday, January 19, 2006


I've pickedup this week issue of Al-Hawadeth. It's been long time since I've read such a rich content in news materials, the latest fresh of the press insigh, and deep
deep poltical analasys. The pages feels very good in your hand. Fresh exciting colors of the press. Intresting read for sure. If you want to get a good dose of Lebanese poltics that reflect Middl East & International interaction in the region,
you can get yourself hooked. Very informative.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Beyond Rose Bud

Rose Dew & "Basmalat Al Nadaa"

Beautiful is the refreshing sense of renewed energy that a Fresh Start bring to life.

A New Morning like a New Year would carry us further into life.

Have A passionate new Begining, every new day is as a good as the first day of the year...

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

Hope you & your Loved Ones will have a wonderfull New Year, 2006- That is full of Joys,Good Health, Success, and Prosperity. &
Days that are filled with Laughter, Smiles, Happiness, and Cheers. &
Your world would be in Peace, Love, and Light

From Bab Al Shams